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    How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Delivery times can range widely; from a few days to, say, 15 weeks – there will often be a note on the product page if that particular product is out of stock for an unusually long period of time.  Additionally, please note that while we’ll do our best to notify you of any unusual delay with your order, with the current environment, stock shortages are extremely common and estimated time of arrivals are often constantly changing.

    When is the best time to order my device?
    From November through February, thousands of parents are purchasing BYOD devices throughout NZ.  Your preferred unit could end up in short supply or sold out. Our advice is to order well in advance to ensure you do not miss out.   We don’t do “sales” like the retailers, we work hard with the school and our suppliers to offer one consistently low fixed price for as long as possible, giving you certainty that you are buying at the best possible price, 24/7.

    Who delivers my order?
    All deliveries are courier tracked, often coming direct from our NZ Distributors.  We order from our suppliers on your behalf which means you may get parts of your order at different times.  Stock levels can vary from day to day.  If all or part of your order is not available, we’ll do our best to update you when and where possible. 

    What happens if I’m not at home when a delivery relating to my order is made?
    If you’re not available to sign for your package, the courier is meant to leave a card with their contact details, so an alternative time/option can be arranged.   

    Where can I get my order delivered?
    Some schools may specify you can only get your order delivered to the school, however, in most cases, you can get your order delivered to just about anywhere you would like, eg. a work address.  However, do note that a delivery to a rural address will likely result in an additional business day or two being added onto a standard delivery time. 

    How is the freight calculated?
    The freight fee involves packing and distribution of product(s) from our suppliers and distributors. As the product(s) is being delivered directly from our suppliers, there will be no improvement in estimated time of arrival or saving by having it delivered to a Cyclone office or direct to your chosen address. Freight is therefore fixed and non-refundable.

    Can I get an invoice for my order made out under a different name (such as a business name)?
    To receive educational pricing our invoices must be made to the family (ideally the student) of our partnering schools, we are therefore unable to invoice businesses under this initiative.  We are therefore unable to invoice a business, as they do not qualify for this educational pricing.

    Why is there a surcharge for credit card?
    We accept MasterCard (including QMasterCard) and Visa credit/debit cards.  This is a surcharge that the bank charges Cyclone to process your card payment.  The ‘Online Banking’ payment method does not incur this charge.

    Do you have any finance options?
    At this stage, we don't have any finance/laybuy/payment plan options.  Along with accepting MasterCard (including QMasterCard) and Visa cards, we also have Online Banking.

    Where can I find out more information on the 3 year Material Damage Insurance ($0 Excess)?
    You can see the Material Damage Insurance policy wording by clicking here.
    Also, for a link to a general page on our Insurance & Warranty, you can click here.

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