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  • STAC - Our recommended device rationale...

    Over the last few years, the College has increasingly seen the value for students whose devices support touch and a stylus, and would urge you to consider this when you are looking to purchase a new device for your child. Research has indicated that the creation of more diagrams, symbols and numbers when using pen (stylus) interfaces has the potential to stimulate ideation, problem solving, and inferential reasoning when compared to keyboard/mouse-based interfaces.  These are key skills we seek to elicit from our students because they lead to deeper understandings.  A laptop device with inking capability gives students the best of both worlds  - when they need to type, it functions as a standard laptop, when they need to ideate, draw, annotate and so on they can grab the stylus – and all of this is recorded and able to be accessed again at any time. The stylus does not replace pen and paper, but enhances the capability of students to record, share and develop ideas in a way that pen and paper does and typing does not.

    Accordingly we have for a few years now highly recommended that any student-owned device, mandated from Year 8 onwards but increasingly being brought in by students in Year 7 and sometimes earlier, also supports touch and a stylus. Our recommended device range reflects this.

    Preparatory School students:

    From 2020 onwards we require any newly purchased student-owned device for a student in Year 8 and below supports touch and has a stylus. This requirement is a change from previous years when the College has simply only highly recommended such devices.

    Secondary School students:

    We continue to highly recommend touch and stylus devices in the Secondary School too and we are increasingly finding students that have non-touch devices, who witness their peers using a stylus so effectively, are asking their parents/caregivers to swap them to a device that does support touch and a stylus. The exception to this is the small number of Year 10-13 students specialising in certain areas of Music at a high level, where an Apple laptop offers more software and peripheral compatibility, although school iMacs are available to students if required.  Accordingly, parents of students specialising in this area are encouraged to contact both the Head of Music and the Director of ICT for advice.


    When considering a new device, we understand that Macbooks are popular devices and may well better suit an existing home environment.  Equally we recognise that a student device is not only used for school purposes, and that often students either transition from a previous school with a Macbook, or inherit one from a family member.  As such, we do support Macbooks, but ask that parents/guardians strongly consider the points above when purchasing a new device for their child’s education at StAC.


    How Cyclone BYOD works...

    Cyclone is a little different, we’re a reseller not a retailer.  We work with educational institutions and businesses throughout NZ and generally don’t sell to the public.  Our BYOD website offers educational pricing to parents of the schools we work with, as a service to those schools.  We do not have shops or hold stock, but we have a strong understanding of the teaching and learning goals at your child’s school and we will ensure the device you choose is suitable to meet your families and the school’s educational goals.  We have experienced, friendly staff at our offices who will assist you choosing the right device for your child and if you ever need to bring your device in for assessment or repair we will gladly assist.

    We order from our suppliers on your behalf which means you may get parts of your order at different times.  Stock levels can vary from day to day and delivery times can range from a few days to a number of weeks.  At the time of your order we'll email you the Estimated Time of Delivery (ETA) of your device/s.  ETAs sometimes change without notice, please call if you need an update.    If you’re not home to sign for your package, your courier may try again in a day or two or leave a card to collect from the depo (use a work address if possible).

    From November through February, thousands of parents are purchasing BYOD devices throughout NZ.  Your preferred unit could end up in short supply or sold out.  Our advice is to order well in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Shipping is charged from supplier to end address.  Shipping charges will apply whether you pick up from our offices or have it delivered to your home or work.  Unless shipping has been built into your bundle by your school, shipping costs are added at the end of your online purchase process.

    To receive educational pricing our invoices must be made to the family of our partnering schools, sorry we can’t invoice businesses under this initiative.

    For any enquiries contact us on: Phone: 0800 686 686 / Email: sales@cyclone.co.nz